Haiku Headlines Compilation : Angelee Deodhar, India



September 2000

heat wave shimmering sideways
on the discarded kimono

August 2000

passing car lights
coloring the rain slick pavement
- another monsoon

July 2000

fading into the tan
of her shoulder
a tattooed butterfly

June 2000

after the storm
in the first moonlight
a cricket starts to sing

April 2000

in the attic
packing away grandma's clothes
the fragrance of lavender

March 2000

in first rain
pale against the dark sky
a stone angel cries

February 2000 First Place #21 : 38 points

snow flurry
at the turn of a wrist
a paper weight winter

January 2000

soft predawn
wind chimes moving gently
on new year's day

December 1999

Christmas Eve
the new baby finally asleep
~ Silent night

November 1999

a light breeze
the moon in the birdbath

October 1999

sudden fragrance
a whiff of orange blossom
on this still night

September 1999

on the afterdeck
the lantern glow
reflected by plankton

August 1999

night's indigo shawl
dripping off her shoulders
dawn yawns awake

July 1999

sunlight and shadows ~
the cat and I both startled
by the peacock's cry

June 1999

thoughts scatter
with the sound of a gun shot
frightened white birds

May 1999 Second Place #18 : 35 points

in the monastery
rising above the plainchant
a warbler's half note

April 1999

in the monastery
rising above the plainchant
a warbler's half note

March 1999

shaken away, in the wag
of a duck's tail

August 1998

grandfather's wake
through bubbles of champagne
a shooting star

December 1998

rain filled day
asleep at my feet
this warm dog

November 1998

bright umbrellas
all pulled inside out
~ storm warning

October 1998

glowing pumpkins
smiling through the windows
Halloween moon

September 1998

a dark ripple
through wind bent reeds
a water snake

July 1998

spider's web
capturing summer night
cicada song

June 1998

fuchsias ~
so many ballerinas
this summer

May 1998

gardener in cemetry
only the lapwing cries
far away bell tolls

April 1998

on Good Friday
white roses on the altar
fragrance of her hair

March 1998

fresh dug grave
covered with tears,
wind blown leaves

February 1998

in the twilight
against dusky bougainvillea
the white wall whiter

January 1998

on the lake
diving for breakfast
hibernal ducks

December 1997

homeward bound
smell of fresh bread
quickens footsteps

November 1997

crunching underfoot
the breakfast cereal
sounds of autumn

September 1997

over fireplace
Van Gogh's sunflowers
Make room warm

August 1997

frangipani blooms
softening iron balustrade
of the stone terrace

July 1997

at the exit gate
arrested by
a shock of sunflowers

May 1997

in sulphur spring
her shivering flanks
my hot hands

March 1997
The Award of Special Recognition ' First Timer '
#18 : 40 points

banana leaves
tattered by the storm
wave surrender

February 1997

banana leaves
tattered by the storm
wave surrender


  © Copyright Angelee Deodhar, 2000