Jane Reichhold



Shadows on an Open Window, 89 pp., 1979. 
Textilwerke, (in German), 24 pp. 1980. 
Installation: Collage in Space, 30 pp, 1982. 
From the Dipper...Drops, 125 pp., 1983. 
Duet for One Mirror, 22 pp,. 1984. 
Thumbtacks on a Calendar, 34 pp., 1985. 
Reissnaegal auf einem Kalender, 36 pp., 1985, (Translation of Thumbtacks in German). 
Cherries/Apples, 52 pp., 1986. 
Graffiti, 80 pp., 1986. 
As Stones Cry Out, 40 pp., 1987. 
Tigers in a Tea Cup, 344 pp., 1988. Haiku Society Merit Book Award 
The Land of Seven Realms, 90 pp. Edited. 1988. 
A Literary Curiosity: The Pyramid Renga "Open", with Bambi Walker, 320 pp., 1989. 
Narrow Road to Renga, 364 pp., 1989. 
A Gift of Tanka, 126 pp., 1990. 
Round Renga Round, 145 pp., Edited 1990. 
silence, 32 pp., 1991. Haiku Society Merit Book Award 
A Dictionary of Haiku, 396 pp., 1992. 
Trashopper Haique, 40 pp. 1992 
Classical Mega-Brain Potential, 60 pp. 1992 
Inksmith, 44 pp. with Werner Reichhold. 1992 
Wave of Mouth Stories, 189 pp., 1993. 
A Dictionary of Haiku as Four Seasons, bilingual English -Chinese published in Shanghai, China, 224 pp. 
Oracle, 40 pp. with Werner Reichhold. 1993. 
Wind Five Folded, 262 pp. Edited with Werner Reichhold. 
Bowls I Buy, Online book. 1996. 
In the Presence, with Werner Reichhold, 1998, 128 pp. 
Leader of the Haiku Writers of Gualala Arts and publisher of their monthly, Haiku Sharing for seven years. 
Founder of AHA Books, Publishing Company, in 1987. 
Publisher of Mirrors - International Haiku Forum, a magazine distributed worldwide 1988 - 1995. 
Started the Tanka Splendor Awards (previously named Mirrors International Tanka Awards) in 1989 which continues yearly. 
Editor of the Geppo, the periodical for the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society of United States and Canada, 1991 - 1994. 
Co-Editor of LYNX, a journal for linking poets with renga and tanka since 1993. 
Editor of the "Poet Tree" of the Coast Magazine, Gualala, California. 1991 - 1997. 
Put AHA!POETRY on the web on December 7th ,1995. 
Member of the Haiku Society of America, Haiku Poets of Northern California, Haiku Canada, Haiku International, Tokyo, Japan; the German Haiku Society, and Poetry Society of Japan. 
Twice winner of the Museum of Haiku Literature Award [Tokyo]. Three-time winner of an Haiku Society of America
Merit Book Award: Tigers In A Tea Cup, Silence, and A Dictionary of Haiku. Winner of numerous haiku awards, including second place in the 1987 JAL contest and in the Itoen Tea Company Award in 1992.