Evergreen : Writing English Haiku Circle

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Ikuyo Yoshimura



his coming ... (2004) (Feb.27 05)

A Desert Rose (2002)

Cats in love (2000)

Spring Thunder : Haïku from 1991 to 1995

Evergreen English Haiku Society

The Evergreen group started in 1991 after I delivered a series of lectures on haiku written by Japanese in English at a seminar at Asahi University. Seminar participants, students, housewives, high school and college teachers, and retirees alike were
inspired to compose haiku in English on their own.

Evergreen meets once a month, and we publish a newsletter with a selection of the best haiku.

Our group includes about 20 Japanese, American, and Canadian members.

We try to write haiku first in English and then translate them into Japanese. Instead of kigo (season words) we use keywords or topics.

Site : http://evergreen.pro.tok2.com/index.html


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